We make chowder, without the shortcuts. Our small-batch chowders are made from spawn-to-table and start at the Seaventure Clam Co. hatchery. What makes us unique, is that we are farmers, as well as chefs. We grow our clams locally here in Florida and partner with local farmers in sustainable aquaculture. Our soups are hearty, healthy, delicious, and sustainable.  

Our goal is to not only make the best clam chowder on the market but to also spread awareness around sustainable aquaculture. Clams are one of the most sustainable aquatic crops given that they filter and clean our coastal water, and do not require additional feed outside of naturally occurring microalgae.

This is feel good chowder.

With every chowder you purchase, you are filtering a swimming pool's worth of water and sequestering carbon and nitrogen from the environment.

Local Farmers

We support local Florida shellfish farmers. We build relationships with these farmers and ensure that they are using sustainable aquaculture practices. 

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People should eat more clams. Clams are incredibly healthy for you. They are a lean protein and full of omega-3 fatty acids as well as other vital nutrients. 


Clams are natural filter feeders which means they clean our coastal waterways as we grow them. A single clam can filter 20+ gallons of water per day.  


We are unique in that we only use Florida-grown clams in our chowder! Florida is the second-largest clam capital in the US, and we support our local farmers. 


Our Florida clams are available year-round and are always safe to eat!